All funds raised in the US, stays in the US going towards high impact research projects.


CBTN-Children’s Brain Tumour Network Data Project

This is the extension of a US pilot research study which involves three different US childrens hospitals, focusing specifically on brain cancer. It asks the question, “Can we automate extracting consented patient’s clinical data and imaging data from different hospitals electronic medical records systems and transfer into a secure cloud where the data is linked”? Linking data provides clinicians with deeper understanding to help inform clinical decisions and research. Australia will mirror this pilot. Once proof of principal is achieved the data types can be extended to include omics and histology results.

CONNECT- The Collaborative Network for Neuro-oncology Clinical Trials

The international collaborative network of pediatric cancer centers which conducts nimble, scientifically-rational, international trials to demonstrate the safety and feasibility of incorporating novel agents into the most effective current regimens for children with newly-diagnosed high-risk brain tumors. We are part of the funders group ensuring the US and Australian trials are adequately supported in terms of infrastructure.

National Brain Tumour Society & CERN Foundation

We have funded four Fellowships with CERN over the last 8 years. We are currently advertising for the next one which is for our Ependymoma Vaccine Project in Australia. This Fellow will be based in Queensland at the Children's Brain Cancer Centre, part of the University of Queensland for two years. They will also spend time in the US at Professor Hollands laboratory at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre in Seattle, learning how to produce unique animal models required for the project.


We are the original and primary funder of EpCam, the only closed ependymoma research meeting involving world experts in this field including several from the US . It is convened in Cambridge, UK and provides a platform for key leaders to share their ideas and latest results and address challenges in a non-conventional format. We have funded two meetings of which tracked outcomes have included new collaborations which have leveraged US grant funding exceeding $1M USD. Our Australian Ependymoma vaccine project is strongly supported by experts in this group. 

DIPG/DMG Collaborative

Based in the US, this is a collection of foundations with the common interest of inspiring research into the cure of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) and Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG)RCD Foundation is a research partner in the collaborate. We are proud to support a range of research projects, many focusing on DMG through this group. Collectively the collaborate grant scheme has funded $15,626,509 in DIPG/DMG research since its inception. Its funding model also supports projects with successful incomes, nurturing and growing their investment.