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18 months post-chemo

Tuesday 25th May
This is Rory at his 18 month check up after chemo finished. He is now 3 years post-diagnosis and still going strong! His MRI scan shows that the multiple tumors are currently stable and we hope it stays that way :) Despite our good news - we will continue the national and global efforts to raise awareness of brain cancer and do what we can to help raise funds for research so that one day we can say there is a cure!
Friday 5th Mar
I ran the Great Ocean Road Running marathon on 19th May 2019. It was my first marathon and undeniably a tough task. But my reasons were unquestionable: Our 5 year old son Rory was diagnosed in May 2018 (only 3 days before last years GOR Run) with a large tumor in his upper spinal cord and other tumors throughout his brain and spine. His case (Disseminated Glioneuronal Tumors) is extremely rare and one of only 200 know cases worldwide. Whilst his condition is currently incurable – it is treatable to hopefully reduce it to a non-functioning mass. He has just completed 68 weeks of continuous chemotherapy following spinal surgery in May 2018 to decompress the tumor. We now wait for each 3 monthly MRI to see how the cancer is behaving. The tumors are all still there. I chose to run to raise funds and awareness for Rory’s condition and the thousands of other children in his position. Brain Cancer in children is devastating – and if we can do ANYTHING to aid towards research and better treatment (or even a cure!!) for Rory and these kids then we have to try. After much consideration, my husband Josh and I chose the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation to be the recipient of our fundraising efforts. The RCD Foundation has a very strong interest in funding research into pediatric brain cancer – and our best hope for Rory is more knowledge. We would appreciate any contribution, big or small. I' had never run a marathon before either - but I figured the hard work and pain is nothing what Rory will encounter for the rest of his life. We aim to continue fundraising and spreading knowledge and awareness about this awful disease so that all of these families and children stand a chance. Only 20% of children diagnosed with Brain Cancer are still alive five years post-diagnosis - and this statistic has hardly changed in 30 years! Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to RCD Foundation.

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