As easy as baking a cake, gathering the bookclub or shooting off an email around the office, we like to put the fun in fundraising. Whether you have an event already in the works or would like to do something special for brain matters, we can help you out.

We can provide you with

  • Event promotion to our multi-thousand strong community via Facebook, Instagram or our website.

  • An event poster template.

  • Flags, banners or other RCD signage you think would be appropriate to create awareness for brain matters at your event.

  • Beautiful collection tins for donations.

  • Other fun ideas we can brainstorm together.

In Memory

Honour your loved one's memory by supporting the fight against childhood brain cancer.

Create a tribute page

Create Your Own

Register your event and fundraise to support brain matters whatever way you want it to be!

Create your own


Have a conversation starter

Write on your page why you’re fundraising. Making your story personable will help your friends, colleagues and family understand why they should get behind you.

If asking is not your thing...

If you don’t feel comfortable asking for a donation, that's ok. Instead you can try hosting an event or activity to get friends and family involved. You can also just share your training or your excitement for taking part to keep them updated with your journey. 

Set a goal you feel is attainable

The thing with brain matters is, every bit of funding makes an impact. So you don’t need to set a gigantic goal. Decide on something you feel is fun and motivating to reach. When you’ve reached that, you can decide whether you want to increase it further.

Lead by example. Be the first to donate to your page

"I did it, you can too" is a powerful motivator for others to throw their support behind you.


We’d love if you joined us in the fight against childhood brain cancer. There are many ways to get involved with RCD so supporting brain matters can be whatever you want it to be!