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Noosa Triathlon


This year the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation has become Noosa Triathlon's 8th charity partner! We have some spots available in the (now sold out) 2021 Noosa Triathlon as a part of the RCD Foundation team, where more than 8,000 competitors will swim 1.5km, ride 40km and run 10km through the heart of Noosa.


Connor's Run is about finding your awesomeness, celebrating courage, and Connor. In 2021, we’re asking you to participate Your Way, Any Day and support the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation's brain matters projects. 

Join us this September to help change the odds for kids facing brain cancer: the #1 cancer killer of young people.


$7.8 million raised for brain matters

We are powered by many big hearts & brains that volunteer time, money & services. As a result, we’re able to put 100% of tax-deductible donations towards our brain matters projects.


Your donation enables researchers to further understand and better treat brain tumours, including earlier detection, surgery and post-surgery treatments.


Supporting young people with our in-home music therapy program. Programs such as these are emotionally invaluable and provide comfort to both the patient and the family.


Your support will fund the next generation of brain cancer practitioners and researchers through awareness programs, PhD scholarships, and establishing strong global conenctions.

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