Caring for kids and supporting the great work of RCD

By Charles Rattray Join Me

A family we love has been devastated by Brain Cancer.  We helplessly watched while an incredible mother and her courageous son both died from this disease leaving their son/brother and father/husband behind.

The impact on our family has been profound.  We miss our friend and we miss her little boy.  We are lucky to have photos of them to remind us of what our world has lost and memories that will not fade of the people we still love.  We are lucky we get to spend time with the family on holidays and have an amazing time, yet there are empty chairs.

This is not about their story, it is not mine to tell.  So my pledge is I will find a way to something small to assist with finding treatment: raise money.  This fund raising it is about a small way of helping research so that future stories do not play out this tragically.   After speaking with our friend he suggested we look at the work that the Robert Connor Dawes  Foundation is doing.  I have never done something like this and hope we can get to somewhere near the $25,000 mark.

For the challenge, I have selected something that requires endurance and commitment and something I have never done before nor something that will come easily. 

As those that know me will be aware, I am the least likely person to complete a Ironman.  I am 15kg overweight and have not run in a decade.  I recently sat with her husband over a couple of beers (he is an elite athlete) and talked about his wife and his trip to Hawaii (2018) for the Hawaii Ironman.  I thought about my own family and that I was not making the most of the opportunity I have with them by not being as healthy as I should be.

The events I am doing are the 2XU sprint series in Melbourne, the as TRAINING LOL and then the in May 2022. I was originally doing one in 2020 then one in 2021 (December in WA) but Covid-19 got in the way of the event and candidly any training.

I started training really well around November 2021 and the training effort is way more than I really thought it would be but with this purpose it feels just a little easier.

Give generously within your means and much love.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Generous Donors


Lisa And Ralph Shreeve

We are so proud of you for putting your body on the line to support a charity that is so close to your heart. 🙏🏼


Leigh Chivers

Only 20km to go boost!



Really admire what you are doing Charlie x


Scott Wilson



Emily Wilkinson

Go Charlie!


Elizabeth Sarti

We are so inspired by you Charlie! Good luck, Lee & Liz


Penny Rattray


Nathan Smeaton


Natalie Velasquez

Truly inspired by your commitment and your desire to raise awareness. Looking forward to seeing you cross that finish line :)


Rob Chivers

Well done Charlie! Such an incredible effort.


Patricia Grant

So inspired by you and the cause!


Elysse Adams

Amazing commitment with the two events Charlie! Such a touching way to remember your friend and her son. Good luck hitting your fundraising target.


Ellie Hayhurst

Huge effort for a great cause!! Go Charlie x


Anthony Lamers

Inspirational stuff mate! A great way to honour lost friends and help others suffering. I know how tough your training has been, but you know it’s all worth it. Good luck!


Richard Kane

Great cause, great commitment Rat


Nicolas West

Good on you Charlie, great work.


Sam Romeo

Inspiring to say the least Mate!!!!




Patricia Grant

Go, Charlie, go!!


Blue Lion Lending - Lee

Great work Chuk


Emily Cantrell

Love you friend!! Thank you for doing this… rooting for you!!!



Well done mate. I know you’ll give it 200%!



Let’s get over the $7k!


Liam Kean

Well done Charles - I really hope it works out for you & your efforts to raise awareness for cancer & your friends family.


Angie Cheah

I always want to do full triathlon but never had a chance and now unable to do one. This is so exciting and now go and get it Charles.


Nick Goldsbrough-reardon

Incredible work mate! Inspirational. All the best and will be cheering you on virtually. Look forward to a green tea to celebrate. Cheers 🍵



Great stuff Charlie!


Lindsay Rattray


Generous Donor



Great cause and initiative Charles. Wish you all the best with your fundraising.


Liz Ziegler



You’ve got this!


Kendalle & Guy

Congratulations on all your achievements, Charlie, and for dedicating so much time and commitment to a great cause. Good luck! We’ll all be cheering for you.


Mellissa Colin Quinn

Nice work, Charlie, and for a great cause!


Tracy Jaap

I am a mother of two sons who are fortunately healthy and well. As a teacher I have a love for children. My sons and I wish to donate to this charity in the hope that one day this money could make a difference in someone's life.


James And Claire Lamont

Springs. Steel springs. Go for it Charlie! An inspiration to all from Australia.


Paul Summers

Keep the Gatorade down and good luck!


Julie Perrissel

Great effort CR 👏🏻


Estelle Trueman

Go Charlie! Love from The Truemans


Caleb Strong


Dhivaan Naidoo

Monster effort today mate! Great work and great cause


Dean Condon

Good luck Charlie


Shira Brown


Truus & Paul Toia