Hannah's Escape from Alcatraz

By Hannah Dawes Join Me

I will be competing in the iconic Escape from Alcatraz triathlon on June 9th. The race starts by swimming from Alcatraz island to the San Francisco shoreline, riding up through the Presidio and out to Golden Gate Park, and finishes with a trail run to Baker Beach and up the infamous sand ladder. By chance I managed to get a spot via the lottery where ~2000 people are selected to participate each year. By chance the race also happens to fall on what would be Connor's 30th birthday... I don't often personally raise money for the RCD Foundation however this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. Donate to help me raise $9.6K to race on Connor's 30th birthday (9th June... get it) and raise funds for pediatric brain cancer. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Liz & Scott Dawes

What a memorable way to celebrate Connor’s 30th birthday! Swim, ride, run well…especially swim (yikes!). Love you, mom & dad


David Harris


Leslie Wojick

Cheering you on from Chicago❤️


Linda Esten

Hannah—Proud that you are taking on this exciting challenge! Swim fast to stay away from those sharks. Happy 30th Birthday for Connor. Hugs and love from Aunt Linda


Vickie Nelson

Gooo Hannah 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️🥇Happy birthday to Conner🥳


Jordan Esten

Good luck Hannah, you’re going to crush this! Happy Birthday Connor.


Scott & Mary Lasley

Good Luck!


Patrick & Lorna Hay

Best of luck Hannah! 🍀


Nancy & Al Wagner

Go, Hannah, go! And happy 30th to Connor who is always with us!


Len & Kp

Go get it! You are amazing. Love Len & KP x


Denise Coleman

So proud of you Hannah!!


Jamima & Brady

Goooooo Hannah!!!!


Pj & Dani Esten

Let’s Go!!! Good for you, Hannah…fans around the globe. HBD Connor!!!


Ally Wojick

Cheering you on from Chicago!


Peter Mcneill

I can hear the Alcatraz sirens from here! Keep swimming!


Matt Debbie Clark

That looks like quite an adventure. Good luck is there any media coverage we can all watch? Uncle Matt Aunt Debbie


Johanne Sergeant


Emily & Ray

Good luck Hannah! What an adventure and special way to celebrate Connor’s 30th. We’re cheering you on from Seattle 💛


Bill & Terri Bittner

Watch out for sharks!


Paula Gella

Enjoy the experience! Will be cheering you on from Wisconsin!! 👏💕🐧🐤🐦


Graham Lee


Jana Pagel

Go, Hannah, go! 💛💛💛


Lisa Dawes

What a remarkable event! Good luck and be safe!! Aren’t there sharks in the water between Alcatraz and the SF shore??!?


Elizabeth Cross

So Proud of you..I Love You❤️❤️❤️


Kristin Hanson

Good on you!!! Go Hannah!!!






Hannah big deal Dawes



Good luck and happy birthday Connor x


Valerie And Jeff

Good luck Hannah


Rebecca Goldstein And Leigh Gratzer

best of luck Hannah - what a way to mark Connor's 30th birthday!


Sarah Choung

Let's go Hannah!!!!!


Uncle Jeff

Go Hannah Go!


Mark Avis


Lisa Harris

Go Hannah!


Gabriel Khaselev

Have fun!!


Cheri Mccusker

Way to go, Hannah!! What an amazing way to honor your brother and challenge yourself!


Stephen Lomas

Amazing challenge. Enjoy. Stephen & Amelia


Birchley Family

Go Hannah!!


Kendra Lafayette


Hannah Dawes



Ride fast!!!


Nick Dawes & Tori Cannon

Go Hannah & Happy 30th Connor!! 💛💛💛


Graham Lee

$7,921 on your page so rounding you up to $8,000!


Gv Walsh

Superstar ⭐️🫶🫶🫶


Yvette Hoffman


Desiree Brown

Hannah, what a great sister you are!! Wishing you all the best!! Happy heavenly birthday Connor.


Lori Dauphiny

Good luck!!



Go Hannah! Incredible effort!


Anna Harris

Go Dawesy! Do it for Con ❤️ what a great way to celebrate his birthday, he’ll be watching on very proud I’m sure! Love always x


Audrey Gilmore

Go Han!! Superstar 🌟


Mary Mcgowan

Best of luck Hannah. You can do this


Patch Clapp

Great stuff Hannah!


Dave Davy

Very impressed Hannah, your family will be proud of you. Best wishes. Regards. Dave


Michelle Gilmore

Madness Hannah! Madness. Good luck !


Rowena Francis

Enjoy the experience, Hannah - love from Rowie, Tim & the Keens


Spencer Hoffman



Lauren Fyfe

Such a great achievement - what a way to honour your brother's 30th birthday Well done Hannah!


Alexandra Nelson


Brett & Maggie

Good luck Hannah!


Mem Hodson

You are an absolute superstar!! ⭐️✨🤩


Katie Butler

This is amazing, good luck!



Run Hannah Run! 💛💛💛


Richard Cochran

Hannah, Have a great day, you are defiantly IRON!! I am a friend of Linda Esten




Bill White

Good Luck!


Brittney Clark

Go Hannah go! So proud of you. And happy 30th birthday to Connor <3


Spencer Hoffman


Lisa Bird

Go Hannah! Such a fantastic thing to do on your big bros b day! 💪👍❤️



Good luck Han!!


Elissa Goldstein

What a tremendous effort - and a beautiful way to honour Connor's memory. Good luck!


Ava Gilmore

Go han!! Proud of you ❤️❤️


Lucy Baker


Melissa Tobia

Youre going to crush it! <3


Izzy Grutzner

You’re a superstar! Good luck for the race, you’re gonna crush it


Courtney Carroux

Triple threat! Go Hannah!!!


Emma Lomas

So proud of you Hannah! What an incredible thing to do to honour Connor’s 30th birthday 💛