Victoria's big birthday fundraiser!

By Victoria Gumley Join Me

HI all,

I'd love to raise funds for this wonderful charity as it helps support lots of families dealing with paediatric brain cancer. Some of you may know that I work closely with a young, wonderful girl who has had many set backs in her young life due to this type of cancer but every day she makes me laugh and proves to us all that adversity can be overcome with determination and positivity.

I'd love to spread that positivity and ask that as a gift to me that you donate what you can to this fantastic charity that first hand supports young people through music therapy and are a lifeline to their families as well as supporting key research to improve treatment and early detection.

Thank you, 

Victoria xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Eliza Cullen

Happy 40th beautiful lady! A very special cause close to our hearts 💕


Peter Murphy

Great cause, happy birthday!


Claire, Tim, Toby And Harry

Happy Birthday Victoria!


Julianne Clift

A great cause!


Val And Mike Gumley

Sorry we have to miss your party, have fun xx


Meg Fairbairn

Happy Birthday xx


Rachel Macnamara

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend!


Crystal Marshall

Happy 40th Victoria! Love Crystal and Phil xoxo


Jessica Howell

Happy Birthday Victoria ❤️ You are amazing x


Scott & Ellen Miller

Happy 40th b’day beautiful. Xo



Happy birthday beautiful xxxx


Tammi & Brendan Hodge

Happy birthday from the Hodge’s! xx


Rebecca & Mark Boyle

Happy Birthday gorgeous lady! A wonderful charity. 🥰


Darryl Melvin

Happy birthday Victoria Looking forward to help celebrate it From Darryl, Alison, Cooper and Tilly


Christian And Siobhan

Happy birthday hope you have the best day xoxo


Polly & Nat

Happy Birthday Victoria!! Have the best time. Such a lovely thing to do xx


Kirsty Carroll

Happy Birthday 🎉


Hannah Welch

Happiest of birthdays to you Victoria! What a special fundraiser!


Carly Warly

Happy Birthday Victoria and a great idea! Thank you xox


The Davy Family

Lots of love to you ❤️


Margaret Forrest

Great cause!


Mary Spedding

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady


Victoria Gumley


Joanna Hanson


The Sadhani Family

What a wonderful cause, Victoria ... xx



Happy birthday. And awesome charity. 💖💖


Laura King

Happy Birthday! What a kind thing to do. Xx


Margaret And Peter Murphy

Have the happiest of birthdays, Victoria. What a wonderful gift idea 🤗💕


Elizabeth Peterson

Happy Birthday!! Love the idea! And great charity.xx


Lesley Reid